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doctor who, star wars, star trek, sherlock, tolkien, harry potter, game of thrones, just... a ton of fandoms take my word for it mmkay
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Ladies & Gentlemen… Madame Esther Quek, Group Fashion Director of The Rake and Revolution magazines (Middle East).

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Padmé Amidala

The Queen of Universe

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For some reason a bird speaking Japanese is mildly off putting.

> Literal translation

Bird:” ‘Uhm Hello, this is the Ono family.”

Bird: “What’s wrong?”

Owner: “Abe-chan, you’re a little too early. Once the phone’s picked up, then properly say hello.”

Bird: “Okay, understood.”

Owner: “Do you really understand? I’m counting on you. Hello, this is the Ono family residence in Gifu.”]

Bird: “Okay, I understand!”

Owner: “Got it.”

> That’s clearly some sort of Pokemon.

> Off-putting? It’s like birds were meant to speak Japanese!

> For some reason it’s never occurred to me that birds can mimic languages other than English. It’s so cool, though!

The world will soon understand why birds are so awesome and deserve to be our overlords. 

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Writing a book is easy. Writing a *good* book is hard. It’s like shitting out a typewriter one painful, jagged mechanical part at a time. (via terribleminds)

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More concept art of Hera.

Look at these adorb babs i want them all to be characters


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Okay guys lets get this stuff unpacked.  
Karen’s stuff…Some supplies…Karen…

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